Human Resources Made Easy

PayLoc simplifies employee scheduling and payroll for you so you can focus better on your business

Powerful Features

All powerful features you are accustomed to, encapsulated within an easy-to-use interface.

Friendly Support

We are here to provide real-time support, 24x7. Friendly customer support guaranteed.

Providing the best resources for human resources.

PayLoc provides resources to make essential tasks such as payroll management and employee scheduling easy, and allows for quick and easy communication between managers and employees.

PayLoc Platform PayLoc Mobile App

Payroll, the way it should be.

With checks mailed directly home to employees, flexible payments schedule, direct deposit support, and seamless integration with scheduling tools, PayLoc provides all the tools you need to free yourself from payroll and focus better on your business.


Advanced scheduling tools for all businesses.

PayLoc provides a wide range of easy-to-use employee scheduling features, including self-service shifts swapping and PTO. All integrated with the built-in payroll software to calculate payment.


Introducing a new type of punchcard.

PayLoc’s mobile companion app allows employees to be able to clock in and out right from their mobile device. Take advantage of geofecing technology to ensure employee's physical presence and automatically remind employees according to your predefined shift schedule.

Quick Shift Scheduling

With our easy drag-and-drop interface, quickly schedule employee shifts anywhere with everything synchronized in one place.

Shift Changes

Allow the crew to swap shifts with our self-service interface, freeing manager from handling various shift changes.

Time Tracking

Employees can track time with our app in one click. Clock in, clock out, take a break, all at one place. Built in integration with payroll.

Employees Payroll

Long forget the complicated payroll spreadsheets! Pay all your employees within one click with everything calculated for you.

Flexible Payment

We will handle the direct deposit or paper check mailing for you, so you can focus on your business.

Customizable Payment Cycle

Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Customize payment cycles to fit your business needs. Run payroll on demand or from a schedule, your choice.


Employee Attendance? Done in one touch

Use the PayLoc App to clock in and out with one simple touch. Manage your timesheets anytime anywhere, even you are out of office. Even better? You can require employees to be on premise at all time while on clock with our geofencing solution.

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