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PayLoc is affordable and feature-packed, blowing away the competition. With our cheapest rates combined with superior technology, PayLoc is the way to go.

What we Do.

We offer a comprehensive, afforable HR solutions platform that seeks to bring essential business management tasks into the 21st Century.

Co-Founder, Web Developer, Sales

Christopher Lee

Christopher is one of our full stack developers working on several aspects of the PayLoc solution from the web portal frontend to the mobile app, collaborating with UI, mobile app, and backend development to help ensure PayLoc's cross-platform integration runs as a finely-tuned system.

He contributes a creative flair to the look and feel of the overall solution and specializes in SQL, PHP, Java, Swift, HTML5, and CSS, crafting the PayLoc you see today.

Co-Founder, Backend Developer

Johnny Wang

Johnny is our cybersecurity and backend expert. He has spent many hours helping perfect our product and contributed to crafting many of PayLoc's advanced features. His unique algorithms provide a creative perspective into the world of payroll.

Johnny specializes in a host of languages including Javascript, Swift, HTML, PHP, and countless more. His technical mind places him at the forefront of any backend development required for PayLoc.

Co-Founder, App Developer, Sales

Zachary Shenkman

Zachary leads and oversees development of the PayLoc mobile app, working on both the app’s frontend and backend components. He works closely with Johnny and Christopher to update each part of the platform (Payroll, Scheduler, and Mobile) and make sure that there is seamless integration and communication between all of them. He is proficient in Swift, Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Zachary also specializes in marketing and sales, conducting interviews and market research to help PayLoc determine how to best meet the needs of consumers.

Co-Founder, Designer

Intel Chen

Intel is the genius designer behind PayLoc's look and feel. He has drafted hundreds of concepts ranging from web and app UI and alternative logo experiments. Intel works closely with Christopher to turn his vision into reality.

Our commercial/walkthrough video was also shot by Intel, as he is highly passionate and skilled in moviemaking.

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