Intuitive Schedule Manager

Easily select shifts to view their contents with the option to swap if necessary.

Scheduler.png Scheduler Plan

Easy-to-Use Admin Panel

As an manager, you can add batches of employees and determine their pay. Additionally, you can set a location for the app to geofence and directly pay employees.

Manage View Scheduler Plan

24/7 Live Support

Ask any question to our support theme and get rapid responses.

Intercom Scheduler Plan

Self-Service Shift Change Requests

An employee can select a shift and person to swap with. Once doing so, emails are automatically sent to both parties to approve.

Exchange Scheduler Plan

Create Recurring Shifts

Managers have the option for shifts to reoccur daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Recur Scheduler Plan

Smart Shift Suggester

As a manager, you can receive suggestions of on what employees to add based on the times they are free.

Suggest Scheduler Plan

Basic Digital Punchcard App

With our Scheduler Plan, employees can clock in and out with their mobile devices, but only if they're geofenced inside a location set by the manager.

iPhoneApp Scheduler Plan

Enhanced Geofencing Digital Punchcard App

With our Scheduler + Payroll Plan, paychecks are automatically calculated based on the amount of times employees clock in on the app.

iPhoneApp Scheduler + Payroll Plan

Priority Customer Support

As a Scheduler + Payroll Plan customer, you'll receive priority support.

Service2 Scheduler + Payroll Plan

Payroll Generation from Shifts

Auto-generated paychecks based on shifts

Pay Scheduler + Payroll Plan

Granular Payroll Control

Directly pay individual employees as a manager.

Pay Scheduler + Payroll Plan

Direct Deposit

Easily set up direct deposit with Stripe for employees.

Stripe Scheduler + Payroll Plan

Paper Check Option

As a user with our scheduler+payroll plan, you have the option to choose paper checks to be automatically mailed to your employees.

Stripe Scheduler + Payroll Plan
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